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  • Downtown/OTR Enjoys Rebirth – What about Cincinnati’s other 51 Neighborhoods?

    William G. Jackson III


    Many voters voted for John Cranley thinking he was going to be different from other Mayors for the fact he ran on a platform that was anti streetcar and he also ran as a candidate that was going to create redevelopment, not only in downtown/OTR, but he promised to be a Mayor that was going to create changes in all 52 neighborhoods! This has been the complete opposite so far on all accounts!


    The elite group of well connected people and investors of OTR, along with 3cdc, continue to be first in line to scoop up all resources needed to get any kind of progress accomplished or to get any redevelopment project off the ground. The street car was also forced down everyone’s throat by this elite group with promises that it was a tool to further redevelop downtown and OTR. The only people the streetcar truly benefits in reality are the people that have invested in properties around the streetcar track! The price of the street car continues to only get more expensive and is going burden to all of the other neighborhoods for many, many years to come!


    3cdc was created in July of 2003 when Charlie Luken was still mayor of Cincinnati. It is a nonprofit company that is working along with the private and public sector to solely redevelop OTR alone. No one can deny that they have been a force that has created alot of great changes for OTR. They are the first to secure tax credit/TIF and public and private financing because of their close working relationships with the key players in the redevelopment world. The question is how much are other neighborhoods impacted because of 3cdc gobbling up all of these key redevelopment tools and always being first in line?


    How can other neighborhoods possibly have any fair shake at securing any redevelopment tools that are available to OTR because of the shoulder to shoulder working relationships that are created through the 3cdc? Every Community now has their own community plans and restrictions but how will these plans ever see the light of day? When the government and a nonprofit entity as powerful as 3cdc work so closely together the limited resources available to get any kind of new redevelopment/infrasturcutre improvement plan off the ground are always going to continue to be given out first to everyone in OTR, with nothing left over for other neighborhoods!


    Community Councils and other nonprofit redevelopment corporations continue to have alot of clout at city hall in all 52 neighborhoods as well, but never will become as powerful of a force as 3cdc. Community Councils and other nonprofits and other local developers and property owners  will continue to be treated as second and third class, until something in the other neighborhoods and city government happens that creates an equal playing field for improvement or redevleopment, new business opportunities to come to light.


    What is the answer to spur growth into the other 51 neighborhoods?

    There are enough community councils and nonprofit redevelopment corporations already and not enough Community Business Councils! If you are a business owner in Cincinnati it is alot like being a lone wolf in the field of coyotes. Everyone has a voice through community councils that live in the Cincinnati neighborhoods, which all have Community Councils. Business owners are left all alone in today’s existing city political environment. If a resident of Cincinnati has a complaint about a business or an objection about a new or existing business operating in their neighborhood they have a huge team of people ready to assist and advise them. When a business or private entity has a complaint/proposal about anything at all on their own agendas to benefit their business, they often have an army of people already working against them. When it comes to businesses in CIncinnati there is no such thing as due process or equal protection! Business owners in Cincinnati are classified as third class citizens! Business Councils are needed to protect the rights of all business owners against the will of community political figures that have their own agendas

    which are often plotting against businesses in their own neighborhoods in hope to aquire funds to take over the business and redevelop it with public funds. (AKA the new eminent domain)


    It is time for the business leaders in all of the 52 neighborhoods to start their own coalitions! Until this happens 3cdc and the well connected in OTR will be the only people experiencing any infrastructure or economic redevelopment! The Community Councils and the Business Councils will hopefully find ways to work together just like the downtown community does. All of the preferential treatment that has been given to OTR and its stakeholders will then be forced to become more objective instead of who is in bed with whom! Council members and the Mayor will be required to deliver communications to inform of new resources and give equal protection to the small and large business owners as much as they give community councils and other nonprofits!

    Its time for Cincinnati Business owners that have been treated as third class citizens for quite sometime to start SPEAKING UP CINCINNATI!


    I myself am a business/property owner in Cincinnati and suffered a complete breakdown because of everything I had to go through to open and run a business in the City of Cincinnati! I know what its like to file a permit on a perfectly legally zoned property and have my rights as a citizen of the United States stripped from me and violated because of the shoulder to shoulder relationships that run our city government! I was forced to take my case to the Ohio Supreme Court just to live my dreams with a perfectly legal business. I also know what its like to have people continue to work against you because they would like to own your property and do what they see fit with it for their ownbenefit! Unless you are in bed with the mayor or a council member in this city you better know a great attorney is the bottom line!


    I want to thank Jason Lee Overbey for starting this website speakupcincinnati.com and look forward to contributing everything I can to help take action with what needs to change in this city! All stakeholders in Cincinnati need a voice to help move things forward. Without strong Business Councils there is alot of room for abuse. When Community Business Councils are formed in Cincinnati more business will start moving forward with new businesses wanting to open next to them as well in the Cincinnati Neighborhoods instead of the neighborhoods always waiting on their promises from city hall. We must start forming more networking events like Jason is planning to do to stay connected about what is going on inside our businesses and neighborhoods and learn how we can help each other out. When business leaders come together we will all have a united and powerful voice at city hall when injustice comes about from neighborhood politics!

    Will JacksonKnown to some in his past to childhood friends and family as “Buddy”  He now prefers to be called “Will” Those who already know him as “Buddy” prefer to keep it that way for some odd reason! Being a real estate guy he just considers those people being “Grandfathered”

    Will’s background is mostly in Real Estate Investment and Development. He has an associates degree in Real Estate/Property Management Technologies & he is also a licensed Realtor in Northern Ky Specializing in Commercial Business Opportunities and Residential. He started a micro media startup company called CincyNky this past year to give coverage to the Cincinnati and Northern Ky Cultures. Sports, News, Entertainment and Politics are all topics he plans to cover on the new site!  He entered into broadcasting last year during the high school football season when he was given the opportunity to work as the Color Commentator & Sideline Interview Person along with a long time 700 wlw producer. He has since then broken away and has continued to focus on high school sports with the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Sports Networks that are affiliates of CincyNky.com! He is currently looking for interns that are interested in getting into the world of Sports Broadcasting and Reporting! He will be needing a camera man, color commentator, and sideline interviewer for this coming football season for anyone looking for an internship or experience! He also is looking for a web developer to help maintain and improve the websites! Games will be all over the Cincinnati and Northern Ky areas. 

    Will knows exactly how Jason Overbey feels being thrown into City Of Cincinnati politics himself when he proposed a project on a piece of commercial property that was perfectly zoned to build the proposed structure and the City acted illegally against him and made him take his case all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court just to open this legal and properly zoned business! He is passionate about property rights and small business and is a proud Cincinnati Native! Will grew up in Madeira, went to Moeller High School and now resides in Northern Kentucky! Lets SpeakupCincinnati or we will all get ran over like a possum on the side of the road! Excited for this new site! Lets take the bull by the horns and create a new political environment where all small businesses can thrive in Cincinnati!  Will can always be contacted at wjackson176@gmail.com!


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