Not “Snitching” on Murderer More Important than Human Life

When not “snitching” has more value in a person’s morality set than the value of a human life and the integrity of the community, then we have a deep problem in the foundation of our society.

Being on the front lines of the heroin battle, I encounter the “no snitch” mentality every day. When I try to be reasonable with folks, they hold tightly to the “snitches get snitches” anthem.

I think it has very little to do with citizens trusting the police as the WCPO article says below, although that may be one factor.

This is a real value our neighbors have in their lives.  They hold that value regardless of how they feel about the police. It is a deep rooted belief. 

And they can’t see that it equals more murder. We are not asking people to give info on theft or tax evasion or even assaults and physical harm crimes. This is murder. And we are in trouble.


Click the image below to be taken to WCPO Channel 9 website for the story!


WCPO Channel 9 News

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